The announcement could have disastrous consequences for

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It’s hard to overstate what this means for Kashmir, India and South Asia as a whole. The announcement could have disastrous consequences for Kashmir’s tenuous equilibrium. The region, India’s only Muslim majority state, has been a point of contention between India and Pakistan since the partition.

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Instead of Judge Judy, we call it Have A Beer starring Pres. Obama. The revenues from the show could pay for his health care plan.. My prayers and thoughts are with this family and Avonte, I am a mother to a 3 yr old canada goose outlet italy autistic boy who is also non verbal. This mother is going thru hell right now I only hope they find him alive and safe. Right now this mother is probably wishing she kept him home and had him home schooled.

That there are much fewer hours being worked on average compared to the number of employed is indicative that since 2008 part time employment has been the big driver of employment growth.Even now, while full canada goose outlet vancouver time employment is growing at a very solid 2.3 per cent per annum, it remains behind the annual part time employment growth cheap canada goose of 3.5 per cent.The ageing of the population is also reflected in the employment growth. Since September 2013, the employment of 65 year olds has grown by 56,000 from 398,900 to 455,500. This accounts for 12.9 per cent of the 439,000 increase in employment since the election canada goose parka uk a sizeable increase given over 65 employment only accounts for 3.8 per cent of all employment:Graph: Share of total employment and employment growth since Sept 2013All this leaves the ALP with a tough sell maybe that older Australians are being forced into work; or that the government has done little to actually facilitate the employment growth.This later point may actually be true, and it is pretty tough to point to measures undertaken by the government that have caused the employment increase especially canada goose accessories uk given the biggest growth has come in the health care and ageing industry, and in education:Graph: Employment and employment growth since September 2013Indeed given the accommodation and food industry accounted for 9.8 per cent of employment growth since the election despite accounting for just 6.9 per cent of total employment, one wonders where the need for industrial relations ”reform” such as lower penalty rates arises.