Day 7

Rifugio Coldai – Rifugio Vazzoler

We woke up at six o’clock when almost everybody in our room got up. There were a lot of climbers in a hurry to climb some mountaintops. We got up and made breakfast outside the rifuge, packed our stuff and were off around eight o’clock.


Rifugio Coldai early in the morning

We were above the clouds and the sun was shining. Ýrrs eye was better at least she could use it with some help from sunglasses. We walked up to a beautiful lake.





We continued along the mountain, enjoying the view and the weather. We had our second breakfast in the grass.



Like often the landscape reminded us of the Wild West.



When we were getting close to the Rifuge we saw a sign that told us that if we did a 30 min extra walk to this farmers house called Malga Pelsa we could buy cheese and ham. Since we both love cheese there was no question about visiting this farmers house. We were so happy! A women and her daughter welcomed us and the woman let us taste the cheese and the ham. It was delicious!



We left the house with Käse und Späck in our bags and walked for about ten minutes before we sat down in the grass and had lunch. Happiness!
We were only 30 minutes from Rifuge Vazzoler and when we got there it was only two o’clock. We still had a lot of energy and wanted to walk further but we found the next rifuge a little to far away so we decided to stay. We got our own small room with a bunk bed.



We had a shower, washed our cloths and took a walk in the Alpine Garden outside the Rifuge. After looking at the Alpine flowers we sat down at a table and talked with two climbers from Poland for a while and played some cards before we cooked dinner Risotto with vegetables and ham. We also made some Bulgur for tomorrows lunch. After dinner we went inside and played some more cards, outside the rain had started to pour down, the thunder shook the rifuge and the lightning lighted up the dark sky.