Day 63: 7 August, Lac Nire to Sospel

A day that started with a climb up to all most 2700 and ended at 400. 

The night had been very windy that have kept us both awake half the night. Not much rain or thunder which some had told us their wood be. So the tent was rather dry when we packed it.

Before starting climbing we past some other lakes. We also pasted several other hikers that had slept in tents. We talked to one couple about the windy night. They had  no wind shield as we had managed to find between the rocks.

We continued up and it was very stony, not much of track, more climb between big stones and at some parts even real climbing. 

On our way up (no clear path)

Looking back on our way up

It was still windy but very exciting all the way up to the col Baisse du Basto. As the wind was very strong we didn’t stay long at top. The rough trail continued on the other side and we also crossed some parts with snow even though we started to be very close to the Mediterranean.

We came down to the lake, Lac du Basto. We had a break and ate some cheese and bread. It started to rain. 

Valee des Merveilles

We continued upwards up to the Baisse du Valmasque with a great view down to the beautiful rugged valley, Valee des Merveilles.

The valley is a archaeological protected area, with a lot of historical rock carvings. Some we could see from the path but most of them you need to follow a guide to see. The rocks are very colourful and glacially polished.

The valley where well visited, but not to crowded as the weather was unstable.

We reached the refuge Merveilles, had something to eat. We decided to continue even though this was the end of this etap. We had an idea to try to cash up with Claudia in Sospel and that meant at least another 4-5 hours walk and some hitch hiking in the end, as Sospel was about 31 km away.

We started with a climb and before reaching the col, Pas de Diable, we past some lakes. The view on the other side was magnificent and we could almost see the whole path we had in front of us. It didn’t look that far but you easily get tricked about distance and time in the mountain.

We continued and had a really nice walk with great views, all though a bit tiring as we been walking quite a lot that day. 

We reached Pointe des Trois Communes, an old militarily area. Soon after we pasted a parking with a few cars. Our hopes was not big to find any one going to Sospel. Our second plan was to go to a nearby refuge.

But luckily, the first car stopped and was going to Menton so they would pass Sospel. It was  a nice couple with their son, who spoke English so we had a nice talk with him on the ride down.

Half the way down the car had a flat tire, the equptment in the car wasn’t good enough but with some help from a passing car we could continue after a while. 

Around 19.30 we arrived in Sospel. We found the gite and Claudia, unfortunately we where to late for the dinner but the town had plenty of places we could eat at. We found a really nice restaurant, had some grilled beef with French fries. 


Back at gite it was all ready bed time.