Day 35: 10 July, Landry to refuge d’Entre-le-Lac

In the morning we found out that we had a lot of snails on our tent. It was also very wet after the rain the evening before.

We had breakfast, yogurt and roasted bread with Nutella. We packed and paid the camping in the shop. We hitched hiked up to the refuge de Rosuel. A trail mainly on concrete road we all ways try to avoid.

It was a beautiful valley. We started to climb and past a lot of waterfalls, at one part, we where surrounded by them.

When we reached a new flat valley with a stream we took a short break to dry the tent and dip our feet’s in the cold water. It was refreshing.

We continued and soon we came up to a big lake at 2155 meter. We passed a Danish family, two of them where brave enough to have a swim in the freezing cold water.

At the end of the lake we found the refuge d’Entre-le-lac. Our plan was to stay the night there. We had some bread and nice cheese in the sun before the weather changed quickly to heavy rain and thunder. We stayed inside the rest if the evening.