Day 3: 14 August: Arizkun to Aldudes

I had a great night sleep, the weather was perfect, my feet was happy. I had some breakfast at the hostel together with Lesley and Keith. I was ready at nine.

dirtroad in the pyrenees following HRP

I started walking up in to the clouds, it was misty and a bit wet. I came up to a field. There was no marks to follow, just white mist and some grazing cows with their jingling bells in the milky white fog, I was happy to have my navigation app to assist me to find the way.

After I while I entered a magnificent forest. The beech trees where really high and it became even more dramatic when walking in the clouds. I climbed further up, still no clear path. I had a short rest above the forest. Lesley and Keith arrived when I was leaving and we continued together.

Lesley and Keith

Had a nice lunch break together, and the sun came through.

I arrived to the village Aldudes in the afternoon, we had beer together at the bar in front of the church. The beer tasted great after the walk.

There was a campsite in the village located a long the river. The water was refreshing, I cleaned both myself and my cloths. I almost took a swim but the stream was quite strong so I didn’t really dare.

At the campsite I met Tasha and Anika, both hiking alone. Tasha from Australia and Anika from South Africa but based in Germany.

Keith, Lesley, Anika and Tasha

There was a fest in the village, they were serving drinks and some flat bread with local cheese and ham. It tasted great. A group of young men were singing some songs from the region. Very beautifully. They kept on singing all through the evening, I could still here them singing from my tent trying to sleep later on.

Before hitting the sack we shared some wine at the campsite. Another great evening in the mountains.

Young med singing local songs