Day 29: 4 July. Refuge Alfred Wills (Charlets d’Artenes) to Moede Arterne

We woke up to find the weather was the same as yesterday. We had breakfast and discussed with the others to walk or wait.

We decided to wait for the fog to go away but at 11 we gave in and decided to go anyway as they sad it might be better later. When we where ready to go another hiker passed the refuge and we joined him. He had walked there before and was use to the mountains, it felt very comforting to follow him.

The climb up to the lake, it was very foggy, at the first stream we went wrong as we couldn’t see the lake and navigate from that. Lost in fog with snow is not an good combination. We where happy that we had our guide, who where a bit familiar with the area.

We past a water hole in the snow with a lot of frogs that was playing. It felt very wired in the middle of the snow. 

Finally after all most given up again some sun came through and clear some fog away. We could see the lake again and navigate much easier and soon we where back on the trail again. 

Now it was so much easier for us to find our way up to the Col d’Anterne at 2257 meters. At the top Jonas and Jack all ready was there, waiting for the clouds to disappear to get a nice view of the Mont Blanc. But they didn’t have any luck and soon they had to turn back as they where going home and had to reach their car befor dark.

We sad good by to Jonas, Jack and our guide. We continued down on the other side to the refuge Moede Arterne.

On our way down we saw a lot of Bouqetine’s

At the refuge we had some wine and beer in the sun. 

The dinner was served at 18.30. They served us a nice soup with cheese, the head dish was not so good, pasta with tomato sauce. To dessert we had rise pudding, 

We played some Yatzy and had a nice last evening with David.