Day 2

Rifugio Sennes – Rifugio Fanes

In the morning outside the Rif. Sennes, cows and marmots are up

We woke up early in the morning, the sun was shining and we where eager to get started, We made our breakfast on the rifugo balcony and at 8.30 we were ready to begin our second day walk.


Ýrr is ready to go

The first part of the day we followed a beautiful path with pine threes and after some time we came to a small ”village” with a small chapel and the Rifuge Fodara Vedla (1980m).


Fodra Vedla 

We walked down a road, the view was beautiful but it was a quite boring walk. We met a lot of people coming up from the valley and Rifugio Pederü. When we got down we took some lunch outside Rif. Pederü before we started the climbing up on the other side of the valley.


Anna on the road on her way down to Rif. Pederü


 On our way up to Rif. Fanes

A few minutes before we reached Rif Fanes we came to a new Rifuge owned by a family, we decided to stay there, we don’t know the name of the place but it was really nice.


The Rifuge close by Rif Fanes.

It was still early in the day, we had our second lunch, walked around, and relaxed.


Anna reading 


Ýrr swinging

We cooked dinner at our rifuge, Risotto with mushrooms. It tasted delicious! After dinner we walked up to Rif. Fanes and had a glass of wine. We met a danish guy who we talked to for while and we talked to Paulo again, the man that is writing the guidebook, sadly it was the last time we saw him. We looked at the sunset before we went back to our rifuge and went to sleep at ten o’clock.


A mountain that reminded us of a dinosaur, here in the sunset.