Day 17: 22 June, Malbuisson to Mont d’Or

We left the camping and walked up into the woods, saw some more art works on the way.

The trail went over to the other side of the hill, down below we saw several villages, we sat down and had a short break. A curious cow ”orchestra” kept us company.

In the village le Miroir, we tried to buy some groceries but we only found a nice butcher that also had a small but nice amount of cheese and some olive oil.

We climbed up the ski slope, 450 meters, finally some climbing. Instead of people skiing there where bikers and ”sky-divers”.

After the climb we came up to the top and found an amazing view, the other side was much rockier and step and you could see the alps and the lake Geneva, unfortunately it was a bit cloudy so we had to imagine some part.

We reached Le Mont d’Or and realized that we past the refuge that we’d planed to stay the night at. We started to get tired but the idea of turning back was not an option. Instead we walked of track and at the border of Switzerland, we found a really nice refuge, the Cabane Mont d’Or. A group of ten old friends was there but warmly welcomed us.

They suggested us to continue our walk on the Swiss side and invited us for some really nice Swiss white wine (Chablis).

We sat with them for a while, looked at the alps and went as usual to bed early.