Day 12

Belluno – Jesolo

We woke up at six o’clock and had some breakfast. Regine came to say goodbye and we changed addresses. We took bus at 7 o’clock and about two hours later we arrived in Jesolo. We were about to walk the last track of Munich – Venice trail.

We walked down to the beach, it felt strange, it was really hot and crowded with people in beachwear. We felt a little misplaced.


Two hikers on the beach

We started walking along the beach.


Ýrr on her way to Venice

After a while we crossed the peninsula to the other side. The landscape reminded us of Holland. We passed a lot of cultivations. Fruits, vegetables and corn were growing big.

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Anna on her way to Venice

After a couple of hours we crossed the peninsula again and went for a swim at the beach in the warm see. We kept on walking and actually this turned out to be the toughest day of the whole trip. Even though it was flat. But it was really hot, we walked almost non stop for eight hours and for the last three hours we walked on asphalt which is hard for the body when you have 11 kg on your back. We passed plenty of campings most of them filled with huge caravans. We walked to the end of Jesolo and found a really nice camping very close to were the ferry to Venice leaves. We put up the tent, took a shower and went to a restaurant to eat. We were really tired and hungry but happy and proud of our selfs.


Anna at our camping home

We ate and went to bed with hurting bodies.