The Dolomites 2012: Day 11

Rifugio Mulatz – Rifugio Rosetta (2578 m)

This was the hardest day I’ve ever experienced on my hiking trips, or maybe in life. It was a little bit of a nightmare for a person like me that suffers from vertigo. But I made it, and I’m proud of myself. I knew from the guidebook that we would have to do the most difficult via ferrata on this trip, some vertical climbing. I was really nervous and I had nightmares.

TThe view from Rifugio Mulatz

The morning view from Rifugio Mulatz

We started walking up through a ravine with loose slippery stones. Pretty soon we came to the via ferrata. it looked terrible if you ask me! I was to scarred to take a picture. I realized I could not ask Heiða to take my backpack. There where some other people in front of us and I followed them, it was difficult for a vertigo suffering person, but it was doable, I did it! first I climbed vertical an then down on the other side.

Forcella Margherita

Forcella Margherita

It was a relieve to come down to the other side.

me pointing at Forcella Margherita

”I came from there”

I thought I was done with the most difficult part of this day and this trip. I knew we would pass one more via ferrata that day but it would be less difficult. We basically ran down the ravine. We took a break before we turned to walk on a path on the cliff face. It was a narrow path and looking down was terrible, it was so steep.

The view from from the cliff face

The view from from the cliff face

In between there was no path, just stones to climb over and no wires to hold on to. Actually I think this was the worst part of this trip. The via ferratas were always short, doing them I had wires to hold on to and I only had to be scarred for a shorter moment before it was over. But this cliff face never ended. We walked, and we walked and my legs were shaking the whole time. In the end we came to a via ferrata which felt like nothing after this terrible path. I was really relieved after I had done this. From now on there was a highway to the rifuge.

Finally horizontal ground

Finally horizontal ground

After the green terrible cliff face the landscape changed it became more like a moon landscape, rocky with not so much vegetation.

Rif. Pedrotti also known as Rif. Rosetta

Rif. Pedrotti also known as Rif. Rosetta

We came to the rifugio at three o’clock, I was exhausted after this challenging day. But I was happy! We had a well earned beer outside the rifugio !





The Dolomites 2012: Day 12

Rifugio Rosetta – Rifugio Treviso

We decided to take a alternative way. I was kind of shaky after the vertigo day before. We decided to take a alternative way to th top Passo della Leda. It was a little longer way but easier, no via ferrata climbing.

Me walking on a cliff

Leaving Rifugio Rosetta

We walked through a rocky beautiful landscape. The landscape reminded us of the Icelandic highland.

"Icelandic landscape"

”Icelandic landscape”


Heiða in Iceland

”Heiða in Iceland”

After a while we came to the top Passo della Leda 2695 m.

Heiða reading the map at Passo della Leda 2695 m

Heiða reading the map at Passo della Leda 2695 m

The view from Pass della leda

The view from Pass della leda

After the top we walked down 1700 m to Canali valley at 1100 m. It was not difficult but really tiring especially in the end.

Rifugio Treiviso, we just needed to walk down and then up on the other side

Rifugio Treiviso, we just needed to walk down and then up on the other side…

There was a water stream down in the Canali valley, we sat down and took a foot bath before we started climbing up though the forest to Rifugio Treviso 1631m.

We just loved Rif Treviso. It was beautiful, we got our own room, the staff was really nice, the view was wonderful and the big room with its fireplace was so comfortable. We spent the evening with Helene and James a very nice couple from England we had been spending a view evenings with.

Helene, James and Heida drinking wine at Rif Treviso.

Helene, James and Heida at Rif. Treviso









The Dolomites 2012: Day 13

Rifugio Treviso

We woke up and we were unsure about the weather. Heiða was really tired after the long walking down the day before. We decided to stay at the rifugio during the day.

A sign Rifugio Treviso

Rifugio Treviso

We just relaxed this day. Read books, played cards, looked at the view. The rain poured down some hours during the day.

Looking back at the hill we walked down the day before.

Looking back at the hill we walked down the day before


View from Rifugio Treviso

View from Rifugio Treviso


View from Rifugio Treviso

View from Rifugio Treviso


View from Rifugio Treviso

View from Rifugio Treviso



The Dolomites 2012: Day 14

Rifugio Treviso – Rifugio Passo Coreda

We woke up early, it was a beautiful morning the sun was shining. We were about to do our last day. We walked through the forest to to the top forcella d’Oltro. The last part was steep. This was our last top of this trip. We took a break at the top and enjoyed.

the view from Forcella d'Oltro

View from Forcella d’Oltro, thr Alta via 2 continues this way.


Forcella d'Oltro 2279 m

 Forcella d’Oltro 2094 m


Sign, Passo Cereda

Sign, Passo Cereda 2.40 h

Then we headed down and it was steep, like on the other side, in the beginning.

Walking down to Passo Cereda

Walking down to Passo Cereda

Then we turned left to a more horizontal path along the cliff-side. According to the guidebook this should be a beautiful walk with butterflies and nice view, but we didn’t really enjoy it, the weather changed, it started to rain. and it became foggy. Suddenly we came to this rocky landscape with huge rocks. after we passed those lime stone towers th path took us down to Passo Cereda.

Passo cerada

on the way to Passo Cerada

This was the end of our hike! We had lunch at Rifugio Passo Cereda. It was a big place with good food and a lot of people were having lunch. After lunch we started walking down the street hitchhiking. A nice gentleman stopped and took us to Fiera di Primero from where we took a bus to Feltre.
Feltre was full of men wearing Robin Hood hats, there were some hunting festival.



We took the train to Brescia where our dear friend Bruno cooked us delicious Sunday dinner. Ravioli with pumpkin! a lovely end of our wonderful hiking trip. After a couple of days in Brescia we took the train to Umbria, but that is another story!






Skåneleden: Brösarp-Agusa; Agusa-Verkasjö; Verkasjön-Heinge; Heinge-Lövestads åsar

Bild från Skåneleden

Summer 2016 Christer and I (Anna) made a two days hike on the Skåneleden, a nice trail system in our neighborhood, 1000 kilometers divided into five separate trails, with 89 sections.

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Skåneleden: Bjärred – Ven 2019


In July 2019, Christer and I (Anna) made a three day hike on Skåneleden in south of Sweden. We started our walk in Bjärred and followed the trail north up to Landskrona where we took the ferry to the little Island Ven.

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Day hike – Malmö, 2021

This summer me (Anna) and Christer made a hike for one single day, walking around our home city Malmö. The weather was pretty hot and we walked in total 35 km, about 50.000 steps. We made some nice stops on our way and discover some new places in our neighbourhood.

We started out from our summer home, Mossängen, Hyllie. We started our round tour by walking east towards Katrinetorp.

HRP – Plans for 2022

I (Anna) decided a couple of month ago to take up my old plan, a plan I had before the Covid-19 virus came in to our lives, to finally do a longer hike in the Pyrenees. I will be following the trail HRP, which frankly follows the higher parts of the mountain range and the border between France and Spain. I will start at Hendaye by Atlantic sea and walk Banyuls-sur-Mer at the Mediterranean Sea. The trail is about 800 km long and it will take me about 45-50 days for me to complete, the guidebook says about 44 days but that is without any zero days. I do like the idea to have time to take a day of if the weather is really bad as I will be hiking in the higher parts this could be very wise. And as I have the time I don’t mind staying longer in the mountains, enjoying the views, looking at birds and flowers, or eating more mountain cheese. The goal now is to start in mid August and walk to the end of September.

I am now adjusting my packing list, trying to make it as light as possible. My base weight is at the moment about 6 kg (without consumable and the clothes I will be wearing). Idle weight would be 5 kg. But as I wish to bring by iPad for reading and making sketches and my camera this might not be possible for me to archive.

Foggy morning from an earlier hike in the Pyrenees in 2019.

Soon I will start to dry some food that I will bring with me and send to some pickup points. I will also stop at some refuges and villages for dinner and lunch but always nice to bring some of your own food as you will have the freedom to do some wild camping along the way.