Here we will collect images of some of the  flowers we have seen on our hikes.

You are welcome to help us finding the right names. For instance sometimes it can be hard to find the correct names in English as this is not our main language so we are very happy for any kind of help with this. Our main language is Swedish so we have include these names as well.

This section will collect both common things that you can see and also some more rare things. Mostly to give you an idea of the nature we have been walking in.

Collection of some flowers we saw in the Pyrenees 2009





(SE: Klätt?)


English Iris iris latifolia, (SV:Engelsk Iris)


Black Vanilla Orchid, Nigritella Nigra (SE: Brunkulla)


Rhaetian Alps poppy – Papaver rhaeticum (SE: Alpvallmo)


Mountain Houseleek – Sempervivum montanum, (SE: Bergtaklök)


Alpine Rose, Rhododendron ferrugineum (SE: Rostalpros)

Collection of some flowers we saw in the Pyrenees 2010

If anyone know which one, I would be happy to know.




Lilium martagon
–  Lupinus polyphyllus, (SE: Krollilja)
Rather common flower in the Pyrenees


Pyrenean Lily –
Lilium pyrenaicum (SE: Pyreneisk lilja)

This beauty and rare flower we didn’t manage to see on our first hike in the Pyrenees. We where very happy when we finally found it in Odessa the year after.


Large-flowered butterwort, Pinguicula grandiflora
Meat eating flower, look at the insects they are stucked on the sticky petals (Sorry for the bad image)


Astrantia major (SE: Stjärnflocka)

Collection of some flowers we saw in the Dolomites 2011

Potentilla nitida
– (sv: Glansfingerört)


Alpine Toadflax – Linaria alpina (SE: Alpsporre)


Einsel’s Columbine – Aquilegia eniseleana (SE: Klippakleja)


Rhaetian Alps poppy – Papaver rhaeticum (SE: Alpvallmo)


Some kind of Allium maybe Allium schoenoprasum (SE: gräslök)


In the family of Geranium






Blue Saxifrage – Saxifraga caesia (SE: Kuddbräcka)




Common houseleek –  Sempervivum tectorum (SE: Taklök)


Some kind of Larkspur we saw both yellow and blue/violett species – Delphinium (E: Riddarsporre)




Some kind of Dianthus (SE: Nejliksläktet)


(SE: Cyklamen)