Day 28: 3 July, refuge Alfred Wills to refuge Alfred Wills

We woke up, the rain was poring down and it was really windy, we stayed in bed for a couple of hours and did some writings and readings. Around nine o’clock we went down to the breakfast room. We had breakfast with David, Jonas and Jack we had met the night before. The rain finally stopped and we decided to continue walking. David joined us.

Looking back at the lovely Refuge Alfred Wills

We started climbing to Lac d’Anterne (2060 m). We saw the lake and we walked along it, there was a lot of snow.

Lac d ’Anterne

After a while we realised we had lost the track, we should have gone on the other side of the lake. Instead of going back we walked around the lake. There were snow all over.

David on his way down

Finally we saw the track, but we decided to continue climbing parallel to the track and to join it further up.

Anna and David reading the map with Lac d’Anterne in behind

Suddenly the fog came, it came from nowhere and in a really short time we didn’t see anything. We were standing  on a grass ”island” in the snow waiting for the fog to come down. It only gat worse and it was raining. After a while we heard some people, we started shouting and suddenly Jack and Jonas appeared out of the fog.They where on their way back because of the fog. They led us to the track, which was only a view meters away. We sterted walking back to the refuge together but after a while we met a group of french people, they had gps and were on there way up to Col d’ Anterne.

We all decided to join them. We walked up again but after about 40 minuets we lost the track it was hidden in the snow. The gps didn’t work. Everything was white!

Lost in the mountains


We all walked back to the refuge.

We did 6 hours of hiking without food and a break. We were really tired when we came back to the refuge. We sat down in the warm and nice dining room, talked and relaxed.

David, Jonas, Jack and Anna relaxing in the refuge

In a couple of hours we were served cheese fondue, it tasted good, we were really hungry. After dinner we went to sleep, hoping for a better weather the next day. It was a difficult day, but it was also exciting and we had fun!

Day 30: 5 July, refuge de Moëde Anterne to Chamonix

The sun was shining when we woke up and the sky was blue. We had breakfast at the refuge, bread, jam and Corn Flakes.

The refuge in the morning

We walked down the valley, it was a nice walk, green and beautiful. We walked down to the river, crossed it and continued by climbing on the other side. It was quite easy in the beginning.

Looking back at the refuge from the other side of the valley

After a while it got more snowy and it became hard to stay on the trail, it was hidden in the snow and it became more and more steep. After a steep snowy, climbing we came up to a plateau on the top.

Anna and David walking on the top

We continued in the snow to col du  Brévent 2368m. The view was beautiful, we saw Mont Blanc glowing in the sunshine. We continued towards the highest top.

We had to climb on some metal ladders. It was not so difficult. The last part we climbed in the ski slopes to Le Brèvent 2525m. When we’d made it we were hot, tired and very happy! It was a exciting walk and we really enjoyed it.

We made it to the top, Le Brèvent 2525m. Anna, David and Ýrr, happy people posing in front of Mont Blanc

We stayed for a while at the top, took some pictures and looked at the beautiful view.

The view, Mont Blanc

The view

Then we took the cable car down to Chamonix. We had lunch at a restaurant. Davids cousin Rodorigo joined us, he had been waiting for David in Chamonix. After lunch we took farewell of David, his hiking holiday was over for now. We’d really enjoyed his company and we knew we would miss him. We went to the post office to pick up our poste restante package, bought a map for up comings days, went to a sport store and to a grocery store. After running all our errands we went to a camping, made dinner and slept!

Day 42: 17 July, Refuge Plan du Lac to l’Arpont

We took a slow morning, made breakfast outside the refuge and started walking. We continued to walk in the Vanoise national park

After about half an hour we left the track to buy cheese in a farmers house.

5 minuits to buy cheese

Then we started climbing. The sun was shining and we were really hot. We took a break at the end of the climbing and ate bread with cheese and some sausage.

Anna and Ýrr walking and talking

Anna and Christer climbing


Then we continued and the landscape changed it became more stony and there was a lot of snow. Also the weather changed, it started raining, we stopped to put on a raincoat (we hadn’t had need for that for more than a week). A fox stopped by and said hi.

We continued and the landscape became more and more beautiful. We walked on striped stones and looked at the glaciers de la Vanoise.

Stripy stoneman

Anna, Christer and Ýrr posing in front of Glacier de la Roche Ferran


It stopped raining for a while and then it started again. We came to refuge de l’Arpont (2309 m) in the afternoon and found out it was full. It was raining quite a lot by now. We decided to make food and then look for a spot to put up our tents. We made couscous with satay sauce and vegetables. We ate and then we left in the rain. We didn’t find a good place for camping, the grass was high and very wet. But we found a chapel, we decided to sleep on the floor. We ate some chocolate before we went to bed.

Day 43: 18 July, l’Arpont to Refuge de plan Sec

The night past well, our temporary home had given us a dry shelter and a good night sleep. Even though Christer wished he had a warmer sleeping bag.

The weather was still a bit unstable.

We packed our things and climbed out. We walked for about half an hour before making breakfast. Other hikers past us. We recognized some of them from the refuge de l’Arpont.

All of us had great energy and where enjoying the walk, mostly through terrace paths, not much climbing and with great views. The whole day was above 2000. The weather made us move fast with just one break to have lunch.

The landscape changed between green and more soft to more stony and rough, Dolomite like.

We arrived early  to the Refuge de Plan Sec at 13.00. We had a cold ”shower” and made some lunch in the kitchen, omelet and soup.

We had a nice and relaxed afternoon in front of the warm fireplace in the restaurant, had some wine and wrote on our blog.

At 19.00 it was time for dinner. A couple from Israel joined us, Omri and Orit. We had a nice evening with them talking about hiking, traveling and a lot more.

Finally some dessert! (Creme brûlée on fire!)



Day 75: 25 August, Pontechianale to Lago Fiorenze

I woke up at seven as all other mornings. The sun was shining. It felt nice to pack down and leave the not so nice camping. The track went along side the lake, Lago di Castello.

I reached the little sweet village Castello at the end of the lake. From there I started to climb upwards. I meet many others on the track, mostly day hikers, popular as it is in the area around Monviso with many trails around it. I meet a sweet old couple, that i talked a little bit with, they where going to Rifuge Q. Sella as also was my plan. They had big backpacks, looked heavy and she was wearing a dune jacket the first part, I assume they where carrying a lot of clothes.

I came up to a open flat area. I decided to take break, to eat something and dry the tent.


After an hour I continued, the climb was steep and very stony. I came up to a small lake, it was still very stony and rocky, people had made a habit to play with the stones, it made the place look even more strange. I took some photos with my pinhole camera.

The walk from here to the Passo Gallarina was really nice, almost no green, just stones, very rough.

At the Passo it started to be misty, from a distance I could hear some music, sounded like someone had a party or a big concert. It felt very wired and disturbing. I realized that the sound came from the Rifuge I was heading for. I decided to pass it as it still was early and the place felt very crowded.

The band taking down their gear

It was very misty so I could not see Monviso but it still was a very nice walk. A bit crowded with people from the concert heading down.

I pasted a nice lake and decided to stay the night there. I made some pasta with pesto. Had an early evening as it was a bit cold, but it also started to rain a little bit, there was also some thunder, but further away.


In the middle of the night I woke up and it started to rain more heavily with a strong wind. Thankfully it did not last long. I went outside and made sure the tent was ok, I have used the tent many times before but never in this kind of weather. I adjust some parts, went to bed and went back to sleep.



Trekking in Time

Hrafnkell Sigur∂sson, Untitled, 2000, photo

Ystads konstmuseum
3 September – 13 November 2016

Trekking in Time is an international group exhibition that gathers and presents art works by artists that have worked with hiking from different perspectives. It shows works that are both historical and contemporary. It can be works where the artists have used hiking as an action, artistic expression or as a performance.

Participating artists: Marina Abramovic/Ulay, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Hamish Fulton, Gittan Jönsson, Christina Kubisch, Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen, Richard Long, Tisha Mukarji, Hrafnkell Sigurðsson, Fredrik Strid.

Curators: Yrr Jónasdóttir and Anna Kindvall

Where: Ystad Art Museum, Sweden or visit

Image: Hrafnkell Sigur∂sson, Untitled, 2000, photo

Anna’s thru-hiking plans 2020

At the moment I am planing to thru-hike the HRP trail in the Pyrenees from Henday to Banyuls-sur-Mer in France. The original plan was to begin in mid August 2020 but due to the Covid situation, I decided to postpone my walk. Hopefully I will be able to fullfill my journey autumn 2022 instead. My estimates that the hike will takes me about 6-8 weeks to complete.