The Pyrenees, July 2017

July 3rd 2017

In July 2017 me and Christer made a week long hike in the Pyrenees. It was great to be back. I haven’t been there since 2009. We took an early flight to Toulouse. We bought some cheese and ate some nice lunch before taking the train to Tarascon-Sur-Ariege in the mountains. The nice guy at the ticket office helped us to call a taxi who could drive us to Auzat. From Auzat we started to walk 6 km to Marc.

The trail between Auzat and Marc was following a stream and we walked mainly in the woods. After a while we regret that we didn’t take the taxi a bit further up. We hitch hiked from Marc up to the parking place, I’Artiege. It was probably a good idea, it didn’t seem that last part was interesting to hike. It also started to be late, a bit further up we found a camp ground, just beside a stream.


July 4th 2017

We went up early but we had some problems with our new wood stove, fire box nano, so we got a rather late start. The stove is tiny and light but as we found out not so easy to work with. Our other stove worked well in all previous conditions, so regret a bit not taken that instead.

Around 9 we finally was ready to leave. We had a 1200 meter climb before us and it became a quite heavy one as the sun was shining and it was really hot. We first climbed in the woods but soon there was no shadow.

At the refuge Pinet we took a break, to fill up with water and have some lunch. We continued upwards. At a lake we desired to stop for the night. It was hard to find a camp ground and it was also still quite wet on the ground from the melting snow.

We made some dinner, xxxxx. It gave us back some energy and we decided to climb a bit further, up to another lake to find a better place to pitch the tent. It find out to be a really good idea, the lake was really nice and we found a dry ground for our tent.

We made the evening routine, with washing our clothes and ourselves by the lake. We saw the sun disappear behind the mountains and the moon rise. It was time to go to bed.